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Leader Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. in accordance with Taiwan under the Leader in accordance with International Group Holdings Limited / Italy in accordance with the Group Leader packaging machinery, manufacturing a variety of professional, "according to Merida ELIDA" card packaging machinery / packaging / assembly line automation / robotic palletizing / equipment Penma / Filling machinery / equipment such as the seal. In order to survive in order to quality, service and development. With the size and scale, strong technical force, a full range of types of specialized services, known as "the world is packaged" honorary title. Guangdong Pearl River Delta in mainland China with a dozen or so showroom / office. Take the lead in the industry through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.

The main products are:

1. (Packaging equipment) automatic balers, Binder semi-automatic, electric Packing machine, PET plastic steel belt balers, PET pneumatic balers, deduction-free steel balers and steel aerodynamic balers, metal Binder, the whole Automatic Binder film, nylon rope automatically Binder, the end of the rope, nylon rope tied, heat shrink packaging machines, automatic-cuff seal packaging machines, automatic L-cut letters, systolic out the entire automatic packaging machines, automatic sealing , Logistics palletizing robot, robot handling, automatic stacker, stack demolition robot, robot-stack stack equipment, pile Manipulator tray, packing robot, automatic machine out of the box, pneumatic nail me, Da Maji ribbon, the electric code printed, hand-held Pen Maji, automatic Pen Maji, regulatory code solutions, e-monitoring Codes Pen Maji, vacuum packing machines, food preservation, outside the vacuum pump, plastic bags Sealing machine, sealing machine foot, hand-pressure sealing machine, continuous film sealing machine, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, hot melt, bubble shell packaging, blister packaging machines, body-packing machine, sealing machine Plastic Packaging , High-frequency plastics welding machine, plastic high-frequency welding machines, high-frequency, tensile membrane winding machine, Overwrapping tray, Pillow packaging, food packaging machines, packaging machines particles, powder packing machine, automatic paper-folding machines, automated assembly line, transport , Belt production lines, electricity and metal marking machine, pneumatic marking metal, steel scissors, scissors to open packages, spring balancer, linked to the suspension, PP / PET plate with cars, steel / iron belt plate cars, PP environmental protection Packaged with resin, with packaging printers, 5mm Post / letter / banding paper, PET plastic steel belt packed, sealed plastic printers, PE stretch film machine, Chan Raomo hand, and environmental protection cables film, PVC film wire, environmental protection heat shrinkable film , Heat shrinkable bags, PE / PET / POF / PP / PVC shrink films, special ink Pen Maji / thinner / cleaner, Dama Ji ribbons, solid ink round, high-temperature tape, high temperature cloth, PE protective film, heat Melting plastic packaging machinery and accessories.

2. (Bar code equipment) bar code printers, label printers, bar code collection, bar code scanners, bar code ribbon, paper labels, bar code printing machine in the first, bar code management software, bar code printer accessories.

3. (Office equipment) computer system, remote monitoring, surveillance equipment, monitors, Yunnan, video recorders, monitoring equipment, public address system, horn, trumpet garden, anti-theft systems, electronic anti-theft devices, alarm, attendance system, IC card attendance , Fingerprint attendance, clocking 10 minutes, access control systems, the Group of phones, network systems integration, computer equipment, copiers, fax machines, scanners, telephones, walkie-talkie, paper, wire network, fax paper, copy paper, Ribbon, toner, ink printers, the printer print head, printer accessories, IC cards, surveillance equipment, accessories, office supplies.

If you have questions about the packaging problem? Are there any special requirements? We can be designed specifically for you!

Leader in accordance with the commitments: first-class equipment, with first-class quality and service, which will allow users to receive high-quality products and after-sales service of 100%. Leader of all employees in accordance with the company's good news waiting for you at any time, good for you!


Group: Taiwan Leader in accordance with International Group Holdings Limited

China head office: Foshan Leader Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. in accordance with

  Company Address: China. Guangdong. Foshan Longjin Nanzhuang Road 88

  Company Tel :0086-757-85395000 Fax :86-85320729

  Http: / / E-mail:

  China Factory: Leader in accordance with packaging machinery manufacturing (base Sha Tau)

  Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province in the South China Sea area XIA Jiang Sha Tau Industrial Development Zone

  Tel: 0757-86906000 Fax: 0757-86906060

  Around the office: Guangzhou: 81151086 Shenzhen: 27626766 Dongguan: Zhongshan 86267620: 22828688 Jiangmen: 3,661,722

Zhuhai: 5509658 Shunde: 22,611,773 in the South China Sea: Ping 85700919: 86787247 Panyu: 34610550 Lanshi: 82,664,299


Taiwan International Group, according to Deputy Leader of the world's factory brand: Italy FROMM, Switzerland ORGAPACK, Italy and Colombia COLUMBIA, Taiwan ZAPAK, Tony million Taiwan YBICO, Fuji Japan, Germany KUKA, Germany Sack CYKLOP, LogicScan, Metrologic, Datalogic, Zebra, Argox , Sato, Denso, Teklynx.
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Taiwan Elida International Group Holdings Limited * Foshan Elida Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. in accordance with Italian Elida Packaging Machinery Group
Address: China Guangdong Foshan Nanzhuang Longjin 88 Avenue Tel :86-0757-85395000 86-0757-82019116 Fax :86-0757-85320729 E-mail: Skype:yewyew726
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